Adult Easter Ideas with Cheryl Leahy


Good things come in small packages! I am a fan of splits of sparkling wine or champagne- it is the perfect amount to treat yourself without overindulging. The problem is, high-quality ones cost as much as an entire bottle!

I found Weed Cellars Prosecco, a 92 point semi-dry Italian Prosecco that has hints of honeydew melon and peach. This pairs well with yogurt parfaits, oysters, biscotti….all my favorite brunch items! Best part- it retails for $3.99, so you can keep a few on hand without having to wait for a special occasion to crack one open. If you are hosting an Easter brunch, grab a few full-size bottles- they retail for $12.99. Oh, and did I mention that they also have an Italian sparkling rosé with tastes of strawberry, raspberry, and grapefruit? It pairs well with sponge & mousse cakes, smoked salmon, crab cakes, calamari, and charcuterie. I would build a menu just around that! This one also comes in at under $13 for a full-size bottle.

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