Best Products for 2021: More Than 50 Must-Haves You’ll Love Year Round

Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life! We all know what a painful year 2020 was, and most of us couldn’t wait to say goodbye to it. As we usher in a new year, we know that 2021 has the capacity to be fantastic. Part of that means taking care of ourselves and helping others in the process.

With that in mind, Homegirl Talk has put together a range of the best products (and services) for 2021 that you’ll want to use all year long. From health and wellness to beauty, fashion, books, pets, and even items for kids, you’ll find something for everyone on this list.

Even better, most products on the list are from small indie companies. You can support small businesses so you’ll feel better in more ways than one!


Weed Cellars Prosecco is available everywhere, and no, there’s no THC or CBD or cannabis of any sort. It’s a 92-point rated wine and retail for only $12.99, or $3.99 for the minis. It’s an irreverent name, great price and the liquid inside will keep you coming back for more. For your upcoming celebrations, the wine can be paired with oysters, creamy seafood dishes, citrusy salads, Indian and Asian entrees, yogurt parfaits and olive oil biscotti. Just ask for it at your local wine shop or supermarket.

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