Holiday Wine Guide 2020 feat. Weed Cellars Italian Sparkling Rosé

The holiday season is upon us! After Thanksgiving begins a season full of cheer, music, and hope. Although this year has been weird for most, I think that no matter what, the holiday season can always bring some sort of cheer, light, and reflection to our lives for the better. I love reflecting this time of year, and seeing all the good things, and the lessons the year brought me. Doing so, with a glass or two of great wine does help as well, but also sharing great wines with those you love, is a great way to feel the spirit of the season too!

Here are some great wines to sip, gift, and enjoy all winter long!


Best to bring to a holiday brunch or small gathering!

Weed Cellars Sparkling Rosé- Just a fun bubbly to bring to a party or brunch. It’s fruity and fun on its own, but add it to sangria or a cocktail, and you can have even more fun! Don’t worry there is no CBD or THC in this wine, the name is simply the brand. This wine is fruity and fun with strawberry, raspberry, and red fruit notes. On the palate, it’s delicious and can easily pair with a perfect winter brunch! $12.99

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