Signature Bride 2021 Valentine's Day Gift Guide features Weed Cellars Italian Sparkling Rosé

Signature Bride Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2021 Weed Cellars Italian Sparkling Rose

Whether toasting before a seafood feast or sipping alongside dessert, the Italian Sparkling Rosé from Weed Cellars is a must-have for your special Valentine's Day dinner. Floral and fruity, this bottle brings a nose of violet and peach before grapefruit mingles with raspberry on the tongue for a playful taste sure to inspire some romance. At such an affordable price point, feel free to gift a few extra bottles to any bride-to-be (yourself included) to take the edge off constant planning.

Pro tip: this rosé pairs just as well with bubble baths. Oh, and despite the punny name, there's no CBD or THC in any Weed Cellars product.

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