Weed Cellars New GM of Beer Hunter Sasser Oetinger

Hunter Sasser Oetinger set out to save the world, but after two years in the Peace Corps, she decided that the best way for her to make a difference was in the private sector. After graduating with an MBA from Stanford University, she was hired as a national events manager at Sierra Nevada Brewing Company and eventually promoted to director of marketing.

Now Oetinger is the new general manager of beer at Weed Cellars—and she plans on applying her near-decade of experience at one of the world’s most respected breweries to overseeing production of the two styles of beer the company currently offers. It’s a big job: The almost two-year-old Weed Cellars is unique in the market as purportedly the only alcohol brand in the world that produces wine, beer, and spirits—none of which, despite the name, is infused with cannabis. All that could raise questions among the consumers Oetinger aims to reach. However, the answers lie in what unites the brand’s disparate portfolio: its philosophy. “There’s this idea around Weed being a little bit irreverent and free spirited, which I think ties into that American ethos of forging our own paths and pioneering,” she says. Applying that concept to beer means showing “no pretense but brew[ing] to a really high standard. We’re here to make great beer that’s accessible to all beer drinkers.”

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