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TheGentlemanRacer.comWhy You Need to Try Weed Cellars

by Michael Satterfield

We love when boxes of Wine arrive at the office, having to sample different wines from around the world isn't the roughest duty, but it can be difficult to find wines that really stand out. So when our box of sub $17.00 wines Weed Cellars showed up, I didn't know what to expect. I also was sure that it was going to have some story to tell about it being infused with CBD or cannabis, thankfully there was no skunky smell or CBD oil aftertaste. Just really good wine at a shockingly good value.

All wines from Weed Cellars have scores of 90 and above, with their Pinot Noir 2017 scoring 92 Points from the critics. The wines we sampled were all California wines and included the Sauvignon Blanc, Central Coast, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, and their canned Rosé wine. All were excellent with my favorite being the Sauvignon Blanc which had a sweet melon note balanced with tart citrus flavors that made it the perfect refreshing drink on the back patio. Weed Cellars also sent over a few samples of their beers which were excellent, but seem to not be in production or available for retail at this time, but the light lager was impressive and reminded me of a traditional German lager from Hallertau, noticeably malty but very smooth and refreshing.
Weed Cellars is pushing very hard to brand themselves as an "out of the box" or disruptive brand touting "an impressive team of creative and sharp advisors, including business savants, hockey stars, and country music icons and R&B artists." Which does sound cool, but all you need to really know is that Weed Cellars is selling top-notch wines that you can have shipped directly to your door for around $15.99 a bottle.

Learn more about Weed Cellars at WeedCellars.com.