Your exclusive look inside the 2021 Oscars gift bag

Party bags are just one of the reasons children have it better. Remember the joy you’d feel as an innocent five-year-old, leaving a birthday with a bundle of sweets in hand? Well, it turns out that the joy isn’t exclusive to tots, because each year, the nominees for the Oscars are privy to that feeling.

The Oscar swag bag, however, is a little more elevated than a bag of candy. There’s plenty to satisfy the sweet tooth for sure, but the lucky recipients should begin to make some room, both in their calendars and the space of their own homes. You see, the Oscars gift bag is no ordinary collection of goodies. Given out annually by marketing agency Distinctive Assets, 2021 marks the 19th anniversary of the luxurious bundle. Just last year, Forbes estimated that the presents offered to 2020’s nominees alone amounted to a staggering value of $294,536, including the cost of a cruise to Antarctica, a stay in Italy and a Kauai vacation (enjoyed fervently by Viola Davis).  

This year, the sponsors have continued to go above and beyond in pampering Hollywood’s most celebrated faces, including Olivia Colman, Amanda Seyfried and Carey Mulligan. With gifts including a 3-night stay in a Swedish lighthouse, a cosmetic surgery appointment, and free investment and consulting advice from Los Angeles’ brightest financial minds, we’re left feeling more than a little envious—and wondering how on earth we can step up our own gifting game. 

Below, we give you an exclusive look inside the 2021 Oscars gift bag. For the full list, read on.

Weed Cellars aged bourbon whiskey
In the end, all the nominees will be looking for is a good drink. A present of award-winning Weed straight bourbon whiskey, aged for two years, is best neat. 

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