Chilled Magazine Celebrates Weed Cellars' Diverse Portfolio

Weed Cellars lives by the mantra, “Weed The People.” Our beverages are for everyone: not only are they expressive in flavor, but also diverse in their appeal. Chilled Magazine, the leading publication for mixologists and bartenders, explains, “Weed Cellars’ portfolio currently comprises a straight 91-proof bourbon whiskey and still wines along with Prosecco, beers, and a newly-added organic vodka. Interestingly, no other brand transcends all three categories of wine, spirits, and beer.”

Weed Cellars’ expansive portfolio reflects consumers’ wants and needs. “We’re not afraid to explore every inch of the alcohol space,” says Joseph Curtis, Weed Cellars CEO, “you can look to us for new line releases in the future.”

Chilled Magazine has partnered with Weed Cellars on a cocktail competition, “Don’t Waste This Cocktail.” We are calling on all bartenders and mixologists to develop original cocktail recipes using select Weed Cellars products as a base ingredient. Enter here to walk away with up to $3,000. 

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