Essex County - Cheers To You (Billboard)

Brothers Nate, Mark, and Kieran Bass of Essex County are shaking things up in Nashville with a rich sound that ranges from artful and soulful to a rockin' good time. Their newest hit, "Cheers to You," is a party anthem for the ages. And the beer they are using in their cheers? None other than Weed Light. Subtly sweet caramel, refreshing citrus fruit, and energizing carbonation make it the perfect refreshment for summer cookouts and parties. 

 "Cheers to You" is featured on The Nashville Sign, the city's most dynamic digital billboard. The sign showcases a beer moment that perfectly embodies the Weed spirit -- the brothers popping open cold cans of Weed Light, marveling at the snowflake-like froth swirling in the air. Nothing brings people together like Weed Light. Follow Essex County @



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