Weed, The Story


We Embrace Equality & Diversity. Weed Cellars is a unique lifestyle brand that has cracked the code of bringing a free-thinking culture to every state in America, and across the world. No two Weed Cellars consumers are the same, and we celebrate your individuality.


Weed Cellars has not only created a new category within the alcohol industry, we've found a way to tap into the evolution of the cannabis space without using cannabis. Our wine, beer, and spirit labels pay homage to the individual in all of us, but contain only alcohol.


Behind Weed Cellars works an impressive team of creative and sharp advisors, including business savants, hockey stars, and country music icons and R&B artists.


Our portfolio of wines have scored only 90s and above, with our Pinot Noir 2017 (currently selling for only $15.99), garnering a whopping 92 Points. 


And if you don't believe the hype, just ask Nonna!


Please peruse our online store and find the wine that speaks to your inner taste.